Zimdancehall Awards
 The Zimdancehall awards is dedicated to zimdancehall artists , producers or any other active participants in the fast growing industry,founded in 2007 by Slaggy Yout for Malvision Media Enterprise for www.zimdancehall.com with the aim of inspiring artists/producers to up their game and polish the works but still bearing in mind that 'music is a mission not a competition' ,the nominations are carefully selected by a selected panel working hand in hand with members of the street team and stats from reverbnation Jukeboxx and the zimdancehall show fans requests,as this is free for all Zimbabwean Dancehall artists we tend to make it fare and bear in mind the advantages other artists who based in diaspora have in terms of technology so we make sure we never rely on individual artists hyping themselves on social networks like facebook ,myspace,bebo etc we only tend to get those songs and put them in our jukeboxx were they can be judged fairly by the Zimdancehall community.This years event will be held in Harare,Zimbabwe for the very first time in its 3 year history running under the banner 'Dance are Yard before you Dance Abroad'
Icon Award 2010 - Ras Jabu aka Trevor Hall

music is a mission not a competition
Zimdancehall Awards 2010 - July 31st 2010

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Trevor Hall aka Ras Jabulani

Northampton in the 1970s was home to one of the country’s first Black self-help centres and the biggest sound systems in the area. Trevor Hall was, in part, behind both. Here he tells us his story.
Emancipation of the African youth Author |Itai Chakanyuka
 The youths of today have lost gist of the actual essence of Rastafarianism through an anger and in retaliation to the current economical and political situation, said Trevor Hall. In an exclusive interview with Zimpartypeople, Jamaican born reggae artist Trevor Hall aka Ras Jabu believes that today's youth are being marginalized and are not being acquainted with the real doctrines of love, education, religion, responsibility and promise. The overzealous Rastafarian believes that given a chance the youth with their zest for success want to make things happen now and not tomorrow or in a year's time. It's his emphasis that modern day youths are not failures, but what is needed is to help maintain their attitude. READ MORE